The Flood: One Year Later

River Café's Index of the 2013 Alberta Flood


Hours notice given to evacuate on June 20th: 5

Average cubic metres per second of water flow on the Bow River: 150

Water flow on June 20, 2013: 1,740

Number of days River Café was closed due to the flood: 52

Guests served at River Café from June 20 to August 10, 2012: 19,954

Days before dishes from June 20th could be properly washed: 26

Number of River Café employees on June 20, 2013: 76

Number of layoffs: 0

Height of flood water in the basement in feet: 6 1/2

Days until vehicle access was restored to Prince's Island: 14

Patio chairs and tables swept away by the Bow River: 0

Age in months of house-cured Prosciutto lost in flood: 18

Bottles of wine damaged: 2,489

Number of wine labels lost: 0

Bottles of wine saved: 3,120

Volunteers working to restore Prince’s Island Park: 245

Bottles of mosquito repellant used by staff during flood cleanup: 11

Minutes that Mayor Nenshi spoke at the Flood of Support event to celebrate the reopening of River Café on August 11: 17

Friends, Restaurateurs and Chefs who attended Flood of Support: 500

Tweets supporting @RiverCafeYYC #floodofsupport: 108

Media stories about River Café during the flood: 66

% of daily sales donated by restaurants to Flood of Support : 5

Amount raised for Grow Calgary during of Flood of Support: $10,000+


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