Seasonal Canadian Cuisine

Our culinary focus stems from a deep respect for the ingredients

We are dedicated to sourcing the best tasting local ingredients in season.  We connect directly with growers and producers at their farms, gardens and ranches, and carefully choose those purveyors who are responsible stewards of the land. We support and honor the connection to these farms by always identifying the provenance of our ingredients on menu.

Our style of cuisine is rooted in honouring simple quality ingredients. These whole foods are transformed by the artistry and innovation of our accomplished culinary team. At the heart of our kitchen is our orchard wood burning grill and oven.

Chefs and sous chefs practice artisanal techniques; we butcher, brine, cure and smoke by tradition,  and add to that a contemporary approach and sensibility. The culinary experience is a journey through our region and through time, a taste of place.

Our breads and desserts are all produced in-house at River Café, daily. We showcase artisan breads handcrafted with rustic character and utilizing a wide range of organic freshly milled grains and flours from our Prairie region. Some of the breads are made from our own sourdough culture, which we have fed and maintained for over 15 years. Pastries for our Weekend Brunch are filled with house made fruit preserves and house churned butter, desserts selections follow the seasons.

Ask about our signature Chef's Tasting Menu

We offer a tasting menu of 6 courses for $95, $160 with wine pairings.

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