Spring 2019

To Start

Oysters 3.5 ea.

Sea Buckthorn Mignonette

Beck’s Carrot Kombucha Soup  14.

Camelina Oil, Vital Green Farms Organic Cream

Deep Water & Lyalta Greens 15.

Highwood Crossing Oats
Maple Rhubarb Vinaigrette, Bee Pollen

Gindara Sablefish Crudo 21.

Sorrel, Jalapeno, Puffed Rice

Grass Finished Beef Marrow & Tongue 19.

Pickled Wild Onion Relish, Radish, Wood Grilled Sourdough

Fogo Island Snow Crab 21.

Artisan Sake Kasu, Edgar Farm Peas, Espelette Chili, Cedar Jelly, Spruce Shoots

To Share

Red Lentil Hummus 15.

Highwood Crossing Canola Seed Flatbread, Okanagan Sumac, Roast Garlic, Flax Seed

Selection of Artisan Cheese 26.

Alberta & British Columbia Cheeses
House Preserves, Poached Fruit, River Café Crackers

Fish & Game Board 34.

Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon, Bison Pemmican, Goose Ham, Coppa, Rabbit Rillettes, Canola Seed Crackers
(Serves 2)


Slow Roasted Celery Root 36.

Heritage Red Fife, Oyster Mushrooms, Edgar Farms Asparagus, Oat Purée

Stinging Nettle Pasta 36.

Garden Green Coriander, Black Bean Purée, Edgar Farms Asparagus, Ash Roasted Onion Crema

Line Caught Pacific Halibut 44.

Local ‘Dashi’, Roast Radish Rhubarb, Turnip, Salted Halibut Dumplings

Wild Sockeye Salmon 44.

Poplar Bluff Parsnip, Dried Scallop, Fiddleheads,
Wild Fennel, Upper Greens Potato

Heart Rock Ranch Duck 46.

Duck Leg Confit, Swiss Chard, Ash Baked Rutabaga, Okanagan Grape

Dry Aged Berkshire Pork Shoulder 43.

Preserved Cherry Jus, Cabbage Mash Yellowfoot Chanterelles, Black Beans

Lambtastic Farms Lamb 44.

Garden Green Coriander, Stinging Nettles Lamb Sausage, Black Lentils

Top Grass Beef Tenderloin 52.

Stinging Nettle & Wild Onion Potato Purée, Edgar Farms Asparagus, Oyster Mushrooms

Chef’s Tasting Menu 95.

Join us for a unique culinary journey with our acclaimed Chef’s Tasting Menu. The multi-course experience is is always innovative and each plate exemplifies the bounty of local, seasonal ingredients.

Whole Table Participation Required

Optional wine pairings selected by our Sommelier from our award-winning cellar.

Highwood Crossing Rye Sourdough Bread

House-Churned Butter, Vancouver Island Fleur de Sel

Water $1/Guest

Unlimited, in-house filtered still & sparkling water.

We are dedicated to the best naturally produced ingredients in season, featuring local wholesome organic produce, meats, game, fish and fowl. We are dedicated to the Ocean Wise initiative.
An 18% gratuity will be applied to parties of eight or more.