Fall 2021

To Start

Fresh Shucked Oysters  3.5 each

Pickled Foxglove Farm Ginger, House Made Hot Sauce, Seasonal Mignonette

Chanterelle Mushrooms & Taber Corn 21.

Fairwinds Farm Goat Feta, Jalapeño,
Sunflower Shoots, Green Alder

Endive Salad 18.

House Made Vital Green Farms Ricotta, Fennel, Okanagan Sumac & Raspberry Vinaigrette

Fogo Island Shrimp  19.

Toasted Brioche, Shishito Aioli,
Mans Organics Cucumber, Potato Crumb

Grilled Pacific Octopus 23.

Fermented Banana Pepper & Wild Garlic,
Sudo Farms Peas, House Made Salumi

Red Lentil Hummus  15.

Forno Baked Sourdough Flatbread, Okanagan Sumac, Basil Pistou

Benchmark Farms Beef Tartare 20.

Cabin Brewing Beer Mousse, Saskatoon Berry, Beef Fat, Shallot, Pickled Mustard Seed

Pacific Sablefish 22.

Lardo, Caramelized Onion & Sorrel Tart,
Chestnut Foam

Fish & Game Board 34.

Cured Lonza, Berkshire Farm Coppa & Salumi
Fogo Island Potted Shrimp, Birch Syrup Smoked Salmon
River Café Pickles, Preserves & Crackers


Roasted Mans Organic Red Kuri Squash 36.

Grilled Green Tomato, Fermented Pine Mushrooms,
Hazelnut, Mint

Manitoba Walleye 43.

Crispy Potato, Guanciale, Charred Baby Peppers, Spanish Onion, Crème Fraîche

Yukon Arctic Char 41.

Okanagan Sumac, Broxburn Farms Broccoli, Seared Leek, Avonlea Buttermilk Cream

Glazed Akinstead Boar Belly 42.

Birch Syrup, Green Lentil Cassoulet, Roasted Poplar Bluff Farm Carrots, Radicchio

Lambtastic Farms Braised Lamb Shoulder 45.

Butternut Squash Fondant, Cranberry, Pumpkin Seeds, Okanagan Sumac

Fire Grilled Springbank Bison Striploin  53.

Grilled Sudo Farms Baby Cabbage,
Wilted ARK Farms Swiss Chard,
Saskatoon Berry Jus Gras

Top Grass Beef Tenderloin 51.

Beef Shortrib Croquette, Carrot Purée, ARK Farms Creamed Black Kale, Beef Jus

Chef’s Tasting Menu 110.

Join us for a unique culinary journey with our acclaimed Chef’s Tasting Menu.
The multi-course experience is always innovative and each plate exemplifies
the bounty of local, seasonal ingredients.

Whole Table Participation Required

Highwood Crossing Rye Sourdough Bread

House-Churned Butter, Vancouver Island Fleur de Sel

Water $1/Guest

Unlimited, in-house filtered still & sparkling water.

River Café Kids Menu

Fall 2021

Top Grass Beef Burger  12.

Vital Green Farms Cheese Curds & Bacon

Flatbread 15.

Gull Valley Tomato Sauce, Mortadella Slices &
Sylvan Star Gouda Cheese

Kids Pasta 11.

Hand Rolled Gnocchi & Avonlea Cheddar Cream Sauce


Two Freshly Baked Oatmeal or Chocolate Chip Cookies 6.

Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie 4.

Canadian Seasonal Cuisine

Supporting regional and local purveyors, farmers and coastal fishermen practising responsible stewardship of the land, rivers and sea. All seafood selections are the best sustainable choices as recommended by Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise Program. One meal will be provided to someone in need for every Red Lentil Hummus served through Mealshare