Fall 2020

To Start

Celeriac Velouté   15.

Sylvan Star Grizzly Gouda, Camelina Oil

Poplar Bluff Beets  15.

Tiger Blue Cheese, Coppa, Hazelnut, Birch Syrup

Borderland Bison Tartare  21.

Highwood Crossing Canola Seed, Oat Crema, Haskap Berry

Red Lentil Hummus  15.

Highwood Crossing Canola Seed Flatbread, Okanagan Sumac

Artisan Cheese & House Cured Charcuterie 34.

Tiger Blue Cheese, Aged Goat Milk Cheddar, Sylvan Star Gouda
Cured Berkshire Pork, Rillette, Birch Smoked Salmon
House Crackers & Preserve


Prairie Grain Risotto  34.

Nixtamalized Red Fife, Sprouted Wolfgang Lentils
Roasted Squash, Pickled Chanterelles

Rainbow Trout 42.

Broxburn Tomato, Crispy Lonza
Sudo Farms Squash, Okanagan Espelette

Hog Wild Boar 44.

Mushrooms, Honeycrisp Apple
Caramelized Onion Ravioli

Deepwater Farms Seabass 46.

Choucroute, Sudo Farms Squash, Crispy Sage

Driview Farms Lamb 44.

Mans Organic Ginger & Turmeric, Baby Carrots, Yoghurt

Wood Grilled Bison  48.

Poplar Bluff Agria Potato, Celeriac
Sudo Farms Crispy Onion, Black Currant Jus

Top Grass Beef Tenderloin 52.

Poplar Bluff Agria Potato, Celeriac
Sudo Farms Crispy Onion, Black Currant Jus

Chef’s Tasting Menu 115.

Join us for a unique culinary journey with our acclaimed Chef’s Tasting Menu.
The multi-course experience is always innovative and each plate exemplifies
the bounty of local, seasonal ingredients.

Whole Table Participation Required

Highwood Crossing Rye Sourdough Bread

House-Churned Butter, Vancouver Island Fleur de Sel

Water $1/Guest

Unlimited, in-house filtered still & sparkling water.

Canadian Seasonal Cuisine

Supporting regional and local purveyors, farmers and coastal fishermen practising responsible stewardship of the land, rivers and sea. All seafood selections are the best sustainable choices as recommended by Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise Program. One meal will be provided to someone in need for every Red Lentil Hummus served through Mealshare